Your questions answered

What is a home or room fragrance?

A scent or perfume specially designed to fill a room with fragrance using a cold or hot diffuser.

What is a reed diffuser?

A decorative bottle with a narrow neck containing a liquid fragrance essence which is dispersed into the air using upright sticks or reeds.

What size reed diffuser should i buy?

First, work out room volume you want to fragrance. The floor areas below are a rough guide for rooms with two metere high ceilings:

10 -15 square metres > 250 ml  diffuser 

20 -25 square metres > 500 ml diffuser. 

how do i make the fragrance last longer in a reed diffuser?

  • Buy a refill of the same fragrance to maintain a high level of  essence in the diffuser.  Less oxygen inside the bottle slows down the rate of evaporation
  • Keep your fragrance diffuser away from heat sources.

How can i get rid of doggy smells in my home?

What is a fragrance diffuser?

A device that disperses fragrance essence into the air – usually a decorative bottle with sticks/reeds or a wick.

What's the difference between cold and hot fragrance diffusers?

  • A cold or “reed” type diffuser relies on sticks to disperse fragrance into the air
  • A hot or “burner” type diffuser uses a wick to heat the fragrance essence and vaporise it.

Where should i place my reed diffuser?

The ideal is to position your diffuser in the middle of your room.  For larger spaces, we suggest that you have two diffusers on opposite sides of the area.


The life of a fragrance depends on the size of the area and the temperature.  Direct sunlight and wind or draughts will evaporate the fragrance essence faster.

How do i keep the fragrance from my reed diffuser smelling strong?

Every few days, turn over or "flip" a few or all of the sticks.  But, remember, the more you do this, the more your fragrance essence will evaporate.

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